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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) is a process where we optimize our client’s web site pages to make them more search engine “visible”. Optimizing a web site is a very involved process and requires comprehensive research and strategies such as including “Keyword rich” content to web site pages, applying image tags, and other web site modifications to help the site rank high on search engines.

Common Misunderstandings: 

There is a misconception among many web site owners that submitting their web sites content to search engines on a monthly basis will yield higher rankings. In most cases, this is a waste of time and money and will produce very little results.

Expected Timeline To Get A Good Ranking:

With good SEO work done on a particular web site you could expect to see results within 6-12 months. This is of course based on certain factors such as the competiveness of keywords that you are using to help the web site obtain a great ranking position on the major search engines. A well executed SEO program is a major factor for any company that wishes to have a successful internet marketing campaign. Once implemented and you are seeing the results, it is critical that you continue in the SEO program to continue to get the high page rankings on the search engines. Failure to do so will result in a drop in your web sites overall page rankings.

Return On Investment: (ROI) 

Results can be realized in as little as 3-6 months, yielding a dramatic increase of 60% or more in visitors to our clients the web site. This translates into increased product sales, leads, or conversions; and the best part is the results are 100% measurable. 

SEO Campaign And Pricing:

Our fees for SEO services can vary depending on the competitive nature of the “keywords” selected, number of pages to be optimized and several other factors. Our basic program starts at $199 per month and includes optimizing up to 5 pages, plus a one-time setup fee. Setup fees are determined on the amount of work needed to make your web site “search engine friendly.” For larger web sites, please call us to get a custom quote. 

Below is a list of our monthly services that we provide: 

Performing A  Position Analysis:

To create optimal results in your page rankings; it starts with a thorough analysis of your web sites current position. We will then make the needed changes to your web site pages to create the results that we are after.

Before submitting your site to the search engines:

In this step your web site pages will modified (if we are working on an existing site) or created to make them more visible, aka “Search engine Friendly. This will include the key components such as meta tags, key words and descriptions, page titles, Image tags and many more important issues to help optimize the web site. 

It’s time to get your site indexed (Ranked)

This is a critical process and we take great care to do “Hand submissions” to assure that your web site will get submitted to the leading search engines such as Yahoo,Google, MSN, AOL just to name a few. From here it is a processing of having to wait to see how your web site gets indexed (Ranked) on the various search engines. It can take anywhere for 2-10 weeks. In some cases it can take longer depending on several factors. 

Reporting & Monitoring Services:

We give out clients an interface that is web-based where they can look at the progress of how well the campaign is performing. This is accessible 24/7. Our analysis is updated weekly and provides many detailed analysis such as link popularity, page rank trends, reporting of organic searches being done such as  keywords being searched for, what the competition is doing, and much more.

Ongoing modification and optimization services:

It is important that a vigilant effort is made to keep your web site in a good ranking position. This requires a constant eye on the analysis that is being done and any needed modifications to keep your web site in an optimal position. We will continue to build a comprehensive network of links to your web site that will show the search engines your web site popularity. Our SEO services will be repeated on monthly basis per our contractual agreement. 


It’s worth repeating that to maintain an effective position on the search engines, an active SEO program should be in place at all times. This requires ongoing analysis, page optimization work, and continually building an network of links back to your web site.



Social Media Marketing:

Most companies are confused about the definition and value of social media marketing as it pertains to their overall marketing strategies. We live in a world where “transparency” Is considered “the new standard” of business.

Smart marketing encompasses involving your brand and your image in a well thought out plan to engage your loyal clients in a dialog.  This is done through posts on blogging sites and social media sites such as twitter and face book. If managed correctly, this can improve your brand and create a lifetime of loyal clients. “Spinning A Web” focuses on listening to your clients, creating interesting content, and staying in front of your target audience to yield the best return on building your brand.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing:

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Bid on keywords that fit your business (for example if you are in the spa business you would bid on keywords relevant to your business like “spas,” “hot tubs,” “jet tubs,” etc.)


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Google, Yahoo!, eBay, AltaVista, AOL, Netscape,, Alltheweb, AT&T Citysearch, CompuServe, Worldnet, EarthLink, Excite, HP, InfoSpace, iVillage, Move,  Farecast, NetZero,, United Online and more. The higher you bid for the key words that fit your business, the higher your site appears in the search results.

Customers searching for what you have to offer,  will then click through to your site, and you will  pay only for  the clicks that are served up on your keyword listings.


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Provide us with keywords that relate to your products and/or services. Keywords can be “phrases” or “single words”  For example (spa, spas, spas accessories, spa chemicals, etc.)

Set your budget on how much you want to spend per month on “click” charges.


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Once we receive the above information, we will review your list and then add additional keywords that you may have missed using our “Key word research” tools. We then do the following:

  • Determine the relevancy each keyword has to your products and/or services.
  • Determine the number of times each keyword is requested monthly.
  • Forward the results of our research to you for final approval.

Once approved,  we will create keyword headings and descriptions for each keyword on the list. This information is what the visitor will see when searching for your products and/or services.We then will forward the completed keyword list to the PPC search engine(s) for editorial review and approval. Please note that the PPC search engine will only approve keywords that are “relevant” to your service and/or products  in order to maintain the integrity of the search results being searched  by their readers.


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 At Spinning A Web, we will manage your PPC advertising for a nominal fee equal to 20% of your advertising budget  ($250 minimum), plus actual “click through” charges and a one-time research and account setup fee.


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  • Daily monitoring of your PPC campaign to assure your click activity remains within your predetermined monthly budget.
  • Make daily adjustments to the positioning of your chosen keywords for optimum results.
  • Provide detailed monthly reports explaining your keyword “click through” activity.


Account Setup and Campaign Management Fees:

To get your advertising campaign started on the PPC program, Spinning A Web will create custom descriptions and search listing headings for each “keyword” selected. To do this, there is a one-time account setup fees that Spinning A Web will assess to get your program up and running. The following chart shows the one-time and monthly recurring fees you can expect to pay:

Sample Campaign:

You give us a total budget of $6000.00. We spread this out over a 4 month period of time. The monthly budget being $1,000 per month on “click through” charges, your total investment for the first month including setup and management fees would be $1,600.00

Following is a breakdown of the first month’s charges:

  • $350 – One-time setup fee
  • 20% monthly management fee of campaign budget w/ $250 minimum per month.
  • $1,000 – Monthly “click through” budget for the duration of the campaign.
  • $1,600 – Total setup fees and 1st month charges, $1,250 per month thereafter

Note:  We will bill you monthly for the “Click through” activity and our
program management services.


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