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Mobile-friendly sites mean more customers

Mobile Website DesignMobile devices like iPhones, Smart Phones and tablets have a much slower processing system than desktop computers.  When a mobile device loads a website that is not mobile-friendly it takes a while to load and it cumbersome to navigate through.  Often the viewer will move off the website because they want quick information, like just a phone number to call. “If I don’t see what I am looking for right away on a mobile device, I will move on to another site quickly!”

When you have a mobile-friendly site it loads much faster and it provides easily accessed information.  It is slimmed down so that it isn’t cumbersome. Usually these websites have a large “Call Now” button that the user simply clicks on and the number is dialed. “I am more likely to buy a product or service on a mobile-friendly site!”

Let us assist you with your Mobile-friendly site

Getting a mobile-friendly site is a fairly easy process and no where near the cost of a full-blown website.

There are a few ways to do this:

** If you are completely happy with your existing website we can add a mobile-friendly version that leaves your existing website intact.

** If you would like a new website design, we can make sure to make it responsive.  Your new website would know how to handle a mobile-device so that the website looks good on any type of device.

** If you want a new website design but you want to slim down the information available on a mobile device, then we may recommend both a new website and a mobile version.

If you would like to learn more about how we might work together to achieve your desired goals, please fill out the below contact form and we will get you the information you need.

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